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Awww he's so cute! This is adorable! Milo is thicc!👌👌
This piece is very cute and shows the characters personality well through it! I really love the sketchy lineart and the way you shaded the clothes is awesome! You have a good understanding on fabric folds.
It's fine to make him curvy, but I suggest making him a little more slimmed down since he's very feminine when he's not female. The shading on his legs look good, but they kinda look less fluffy than he should with fur. Also, His torso should be longer too, since it's a bit short, but otherwise I think this is very good and awesome! Keep up the good work!
Saeclair MYO contest entry
I'm really hoping I win this guy because he is my new child ;-;
I do not own this species, it belongs to Stitchy-Face 
Name: Rodion(pronounced Rod-eeon. The r is slightly rolled)

nick name: Roddy

Likes: Fishing, hunting, farming, warm colors(mostly orange and red), quiet, and taking walks. He also enjoys painting and crafting when he's in a good mood.

Dislikes: cities, crowded areas, loud noises, people mentioning his height(he's under average, but not extremely so), and annoying children

Status: Single

Home Life: he lives in a small cave up in a mountain in a lower area and is mainly ever in his feral form. His human form is used for going to nearby towns to buy necessities during warmer months. During the winter he only goes about in his feral form and rarely travels far from his home. He sticks to a simple ansd isosolated lifestyle

Other facts: Roddy is usually pretty chill, but if you piss him off, good luck. He likes flowers but will never admit it. He often paints flowers on his crafts. When he hunts, Rodion always uses everything he can From the animal so it won't go to waste. He used to own a leather shop where he sold his crafts, but it didn't attract to enough customers so he closed it down.
10/10 👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏🔊🔊😩😩😩😩💕💕💕
Kiran is an embodiment of a star, just like the rest of his species. They live with the star they'd embody and turn into dark matter when then the sun dies or would become part of the black hole left behind the dying star. His kind can travel away from their stars but the farther they go the weaker they get. Many species see them as gods. Kiran currently goes back and fourth between different forms on his favorite planets as a home, kinda like a nomad. He doesn't know any others of his kind personally, but he's met the embodyment of the sun that earth orbits. His own sun is named Faldendur by a native planet's main species(which is the humanoid above the human Chibi). Also, his species color and height 
(for a specific species. Varies between species) depends on the color and size of the star, his own is a yellow/orange and around average size

History: because his kind is born alone, Kiran guesses his age is around a few hundred years. Hi so original form was a cloud of energy inside the star, but his kind are able to become other species they find on planets. The firstborn was the feral creature you see, all the way Till humanoid form. His favorite form is a mix of all the species that's he's been. Most of his kind take some on humanoid forms as the main because it's easier for them to  manuever around and such. Plus, his favorite planet he's been on is earth because of the diversity 

good traits- he loves to smile and make people/creatures happy, he's a jokester, he loves to explore and find new species, book worm, and he's generally a chill guy when he's not in a mood 

bad traits- he gets easily offended if he doesn't know you well, he's sensitive af, he tends to be oblivious, he doesn't do well with negative people, and his reactions to things can be unpredictable(like a young star)


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Heeelllloooooooo my wonderful stalkers! I would just like to say that reviews and watches( or as I call them stalkings) make my day and I actually have another deviant art from like two years ago or something with only two horrible post. despite having a deviantart before I still suck at using it XD


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Ok so I Follow a lot of people who do adopts and I just sit there like ;-; so fab! If anyone wants to donate any points(even just one) you can if you like, but I won't force you :3 Thank you to anyone who gives me points!

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